10 Goof-proof Digital Marketing Tips for Freelancing Moms

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The debate on whether working moms or stay-at-home moms make better parents is no longer relevant. Modern moms have every reason to feel more empowered now because these days they can enjoy the best of both worlds.

Working from home has become a global phenomenon. A global survey by PGI found that 79% of knowledge workers work from home, while 60% of remote workers said they are considering leaving their jobs permanently for a full-time remote position.

If you ask a traditional working mom, she’d likely say she’d rather stay at home and take care of her kids. If you ask a stay-at-home mom, she’d tell you otherwise. It’s just probably how human beings are. But if you ask freelancing moms, she’ll most likely tell you that she’d love to stay where she is.

So what is freelance work exactly? Some moms bake pastries, teach online, or sell products. But one of the most profitable freelancing ideas for moms in recent years is digital marketing.

Digital marketing is any effort by a company or business to connect with their customers through electronic technology. This includes websites, email, and social media marketing. You can write or edit content, design or program websites, or be a social media specialist. And since most homes are connected anyway, this should be relatively easy. Here’s how freelancing moms can jumpstart a career in digital marketing.


Grow your network


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Digital marketing is about establishing connections, and if you want a career in the industry, you have to work on your personal and professional relationships too. Surround yourself with industry leaders, mentors, and peers who are also building a career in marketing. They will be your support network who will open a lot of opportunities for you.


Never stop learning

Nurture your relationship with industry leaders, experts, and other digital marketers by attending meetups and conferences. Always be in the loop should there be a video conference or a webinar that will enhance your knowledge and skills. Whatever chance to be better at what you do—seminars or workshops—make sure you have a slot.


Don’t let technology scare you

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Technology is your best friend. You will be working on your laptop and using your mobile phone a lot. Know how to use and maximize the devices’ features to your advantage. Check out which apps can help you do your job better.


Stay up to date

When you wake up tomorrow, Facebook will have just tweaked its advertising platforms and algorithms. That’s just how it is. If you want a career in digital marketing, you should stay updated with industry news by following the right people and brands. Keep in mind that the industry is ever evolving, it is never constant.


Crash course on terminology

Just like other professions, digital marketing has its own set of jargons. Among digital marketing tips for moms is to be familiar with terminologies and not to be afraid of them – most are not as technical or complicated as they sound. The acronyms SEO, CTR, CPC, and CTA are among the terms you should get used to hearing. Channel, conversion, impressions, keywords, and landing page are just some of the words you will come across every day.


Expand your skills

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One valuable tip for stay-at-home moms is always to remember that they can be better versions of themselves. Moms who used to work but are now home-based or moms who don’t have any employment experience have the tendency to look down on themselves.

Your worth has nothing to do with where you are. It has everything to do with skills and what you can offer. Digital marketing is an evolving industry. It is not enough that you know how to research online or type. Always work on improving yourself. Basic knowledge of HTML or graphic design will take you a long way.


Be a certified graduate

If you want to stand out from your peers, get a degree. Enroll in a certified digital marketing course online – it is certainly worth the investment. One of the criticisms of the industry is that there is no barrier or no requirements to join the field. So if you are a degree holder, you are automatically at an advantage.

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Happy to share

One of the most common freelance jobs in digital marketing is content writing or producing. It’s like being a blogger, but with specific topics and deadlines. Elna Cain, mom of twins, said that her “mommy brain” was ruining her mind. While she had reservations at first, freelance writing changed her life for the better, and now she is offering courses about it too and paying it forward.

Be happy to share your knowledge, opinions, and ideas. You will be surprised how many people you can influence by writing about preferred topics passionately.


Work-life balance


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Most moms desire work-life balance. They want to have as much time and energy at home as they have at work. Working from home doesn’t make this automatic if you can’t come up with a system that works for you. One freelancing tip is to create a setup that strikes a balance between your home-based job and being a mother. Work on a schedule, have a routine and devise a strategy.


Be passionate

In any profession, you need to have passion. It is the one thing that will keep you going, the one thing that will keep you interested and motivated. It is also the one thing that will push you to be better.

Moms are simply super. Whether they work in an office or at home, mothers are just the best. In a world run by technological advances, modern supermoms are not allowing themselves to be left behind. Even in a freelance capacity, they always find a way to get ahead.


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