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Welcome! My name is Julie 🙂 I’m many things, but most recently a mom. I work full-time as an environmental compliance consultant, train my pets – 2 dogs and one cat (and one husband), raise an active little boy, and enjoy reading (fiction) and blogging. I’m also a military spouse, which often means I am solo parenting. We currently live in Texas.

Learn a little about me

I was born in Kiev, Ukraine but moved to the US (California, specifically) when I was a young child. So even though I’m ESL, my Russian is conversational only (don’t ask me to read a newspaper) and I’m annoyed by bad grammar.

My husband and I were high school sweethearts but dated a long time before we got married. We moved to Texas after getting married (which we did in Hawaii because that’s how I roll).

I’m a fan of dragging my feet, and it was many years later that I finally agreed to try this baby thing on. My child was a dragon from the start and I’m not 100% against him being an only. Only children rock 😉

Here’s a visual representation of our family (done while I was pregnant because Disney had a cool free bumper sticker campaign). That little crawler is now running circles around me and the dogs, but he’s still my baby.


I avoid showing photos of my child on public blog channels for safety and privacy reasons. You won’t see the photos of his adorable smile and expressions of joy unless you’re on my private Facebook account. Instead, you’ll likely see the back of his head or maybe a profile obscured view.

I have a degree in engineering but I don’t claim to be super smart or anything. I just do my thang. I’ve been working in environmental compliance/permitting my entire career and even though I’m a mom now, working has always been the plan. I’m not cut out to have a baby hippo climb on me all day. Yes, Hippo is H’s nickname LOL.

I have had a personal blog for ages but it wasn’t until I had my child did I give this blog purpose, rebrand, and turn it into a side business. One day I hope to make it a full-time income so that maybe I can reduce the hours I work my actual full-time job.

I love to read and a friend and I started a book blog when my husband deployed for the first time. It kept me busy and reminded me how fun blogs were, which set me up for being ready to transform this blog into what you see today.

Speaking of loving to read – I love the paranormal genre (book and TV show, any media is fine with me). My pushing present was getting a photo done with Jensen Ackles and Jared Padalecki (with my 8-month prego belly) at the Supernatural convention. Yep, that family photo is still hanging in my house. And is the wallpaper on my phone. I mostly read audiobooks these days on my commute since curling up with a book is difficult with a family, full-time job, and blogs.

So what about this blog?

Fab Working Mom Life is a family lifestyle blog where I share my journey as I figure out this whole baby and parenting thing while working full time and still maintaining my hobbies and identity (wishful thinking?).

I write about being a first time working mom to help myself and other working moms in our journey to find a balance between our family, responsibilities, and hobbies. I do this because we moms need a support network to thrive both at home and at work.


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I love to read and also co-run a book blog with some friends. Please visit Chapter Break for book reviews, Chat Between Chapters discussions, our #ShelfLove Challenge, Bookish Bingo and more.