Cirque Italia, an Exciting Show for the Whole Family #CirqueItalia

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Disclosure: I’ve partnered with Bloggin’ Mamas & Cirque Italia to share this upcoming tour stop with my readers, and am being compensated for this partnership. All opinions expressed are my own.

This weekend, hubby and I attended Cirque Italia at Barton Creek Square in Austin, TX.  I was super excited for this blog-related opportunity for hubby and me to have a fun date event.

Cirque Italia is an Aquatic Spectacular

You don’t have to travel to Las Vegas to enjoy an exciting production with water fountain, contortionists, and acrobats. Cirque Italia now has two traveling shows and the Silver Unit is touring to Austin, TX, Houston, and San Antonio and more!

I was surprised at how much excitement they fit a tent that didn’t look so big from the outside. Inside, was a tall, brilliantly set up stage that rises up to make room for a lovely water display.

Wonderful acoustics combined with amazing lighting brought you into the feel of the product quickly, as you watch the fun antics of a juggler, quickly escalating to seeing the performance of an amazing contortionist.


The lovely butterfly ladies were one of my favorite acts, as they glided out gracefully and then flipped around that hanging cage.

At intermission, they opened up the stage for some photos with the cast. My press pass got me in and I was able to get some taken with my own camera.

Yes, one of the acts had some dinosaurs. A favorite with the kiddos. Don’t mind my crazy hair, it was a super humid, kind of foggy day.


This was another spectacular act as the pendulum rotated around and the person ran and jumped around, and through.


This was another favorite, a beautiful couple flying around the stage and fountains.


Cirque Italia has created a beautifully unique theatrical production by combining the gracefulness of the human body with the calming fluidity of water, along with bursts of power and excitement as well. Brilliantly skilled performers showed their amazing skills throughout the Cirque Italia show, paired beautifully with the water display. This is a fantastic theatrical performance that travels to your hometown and you don’t want to miss it.

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Get Your Tickets for Cirque Italia

Cirque Italia is committed to bringing a Las Vegas quality production to your hometown at an affordable price.

You can purchase tickets through their website ( or by phone: (941) 704-8572.

FREE Child Admission to Cirque Italia

Cirque Italia offers one free child admission with every full-priced paying adult ticket in levels 2 or 3, using the code in the image below. This offer cannot be combined with any other offers, discounts or deals.


Upcoming Austin, TX shows:

When: February 2-5 & 8-11
At: Barton Creek Square
Located: In the parking lot near Dillard’s
Under the grand, swirling White and Blue tent!
  • February 8 Thursday7:30pm
  • February 9 Friday7:30pm
  • February 10 Saturday1:30pm4:30pm, & 7:30pm
  • February 11 Sunday1:30pm4:30pm, & 7:30pm

For more information visit and make sure to check all of their social media accounts below.

Twitter: @CirqueItalia

Instagram: @cirqueitaliashow

Facebook: @cirque.italia




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