Get Organized for Tax Season

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The first month of the year has come and gone, giving us the opportunity to recover from the holidays. Next comes another stressful time of the year. It is a time of gathering documents and counting up your children. It is a time when Mothers who gave birth in early January may wish they had given birth on December 31st instead.

Do you know what time it is?  I’m talking about tax season. This could either be a painful time or a time to celebrate – depending on whether you owe the IRS money, or if you’re getting a refund.

What documents do you need to gather for your tax return? Get Organized for Tax Season #incometax #budget #taxes #finances


I’m gathering documents for taxes and hope to be getting a nice refund this year. Baby H is a good deduction. I also still have myself set as “single” on my tax paperwork with my job, since that withholds slightly more taxes out of each paycheck, but means we will not owe when we file our tax return. I like to file taxes as early as I can and then move on to other more interesting things that happen in April – like my birthday.

Will you be filing a simple tax return?

Some people will have a simple time of this as they may rent rather than own a house, may not have dependents, and so will only have their income documents. If all you have is a W-2, then you may be able to e-file a 1040 tax return for free, and quickly to boot.

This is definitely not the case for us, so I wanted to share with you a checklist of the types of documents you will need to organize before you can finish filing your taxes.

Get Organized for Tax Season, a Checklist of Documents to gather for Taxes

You’ll start with gathering your family details, including the social security number for yourself and your spouse, and your children. You may also need your tax return from previous years. You also want to have your bank information ready for direct deposit of your refund, if you’re getting one.

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Income Documents are where you start with gathering documents for your tax return.

  • W-2 wages from your employer.
  • 1099s for any other miscellaneous income.
  • Or unemployment.
  • Any blogging income you have tracked or income from any other businesses you run.
  • Any stocks sold.
  • Did you win anything? Value of prizes is taxed.
  • Receive alimony?
  • Do you have a rental property and earn rental income?

Do you own a house? Have student loans? Interest paid on loans becomes a deduction on your tax return.

  • 1098 from your Mortgage company, including interest paid.
  • Student loan lenders will send you a tax form with your interest paid.

Taxes Paid can be deducted as well.

  • Did you pay property taxes that weren’t already itemized on your mortgage statement?
  • Did you buy any large-ticket items?

Do you have children?

  • Children are a huge deduction.
  • Childcare expenses can be itemized on your deductions as well so be sure to get a statement from your daycare.

Other documents or information to gather before you file your taxes:

  • Have you donated to any causes? Bring your receipts.
  • Any unreimbursed expenses from work?
  • Business expenses including any conferences attended and home office details.
  • Did you contribute to an IRA? or a Medical Savings Account?
  • Did you move? Must have all those receipts!

As you can see, there are a lot of documents that need to be organized before you can file your tax return.


Should you use tax software to file your tax return?

Tax software is very helpful because you are asked a series of questions that help identify other documents you may have missed. I have filed our taxes in the past using software, and I found it was very easy to follow and complete. This was when we had straightforward documents and we figured we could figure out the rest. I definitely recommend going to a tax preparer if your return is going to be super complicated.  The DIY tax route is a great one, however, if you don’t have your own business and don’t have too many items you need to itemize and deduct.

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I’ve always used the H&R block software when I DIY’ed our taxes. I like that they have audit support and you can ask questions while still being able to do everything from home.

What documents do you need to gather for your tax return? Get Organized for Tax Season #incometax #budget #taxes #finances



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If this was overwhelming and you don’t have all your documents in an easily trackable format, you should definitely grab my Yearly Budget Workbook and get this year started off right!

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Want more detail? Check out this infographic I found!

Tax Document Checklist: What Do I Need to Bring to my Tax Appointment? via H&R Block

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15 responses to “Get Organized for Tax Season

  1. What a timely reminder! I’ve never been so late at getting my taxes done, but it’s been SUCH a busy time these last couple of months. Now, I just need to get my own tax appointment and start getting all those papers together.

    • I like to get my taxes done early too, but there’s still plenty of time 🙂 I think making that appointment is what is really motivating to gather all the paperwork.

  2. We did our taxes at the very beginning of February, and I’m glad we didn’t put it off. This is a really great checklist you found! I’m saving this so I can find it next year. 🙂

  3. We’re in Canada and it’s tax season for us too. I don’t mind it – we do everything through a program and all year I collect receipts in a large envelope – so logging everything in really doesn’t take much time.

    You shared some helpful insights here! Thanks!

  4. Great post! I am a CPA and would LOOOOVE it if all my clients were as well informed as you!
    I definitely tax planned my two children who were both born in November! 🙂 It’s also helpful with late year babies to have all the health care expenses in one calendar year.

    • Thanks Kelly 🙂 I hope after a tax meeting with you, your clients come away with more knowledge and are better prepared for next time 🙂

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