How to Order a Breast Pump through Insurance

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One of the items on my “Pregnancy To-Do” list was to order a breast pump. I had no idea where to even begin, but I knew my insurance covered some brands. I called my insurance at one point to ask about a bunch of general pregnancy-related coverage questions, and they mentioned some of the brands covered but did not tell me how to go about ordering one and getting insurance to pay for it directly. I certainly didn’t want to be stuck with the bill! So for any new or soon to be new moms, here is what I learned about how to order a breast pump through insuranc.

How to Order a Breast Pump through Insurance. Learn how to get your pump FOR FREE with this amazing service!


Ordering a Breast Pump through Insurance

I stumbled upon Aeroflow Breastpumps, maybe through one of my many subscriptions to pregnancy and mommy publications, but I can’t remember exactly. What I can tell you is, that was a HUGE find for me. All I had to do was enter my information and *they* did all the work contacting my insurance and giving me a list of all approved breast pumps. The approved breast pumps are free of charge to me as they are covered by insurance. Then I just selected the pump I wanted, and purchased any additional accessories I wanted (only if I wanted them), and placed my order directly with Aeroflow.

Below is what their Qualify Through Insurance page looks like (click for a larger view). You just fill out that form, and as you can see there are 3 easy steps.


Breast Pump Through Insurance Landing Page

They even have a PDF breast pump comparison chart you can download to help you make your decision.

I have Blue Cross Blue Sheild, and so I was told the following breast pumps were covered:

–          Medela Pump In Style Advanced Breastpump Starter Set (57081) – This pump features Medela’s patented 2 phase expression technology and compact motor in a soft case which fits perfectly into Medela’s Breastpump Bag (sold Separately)

–          Ameda Purely Yours (17070PMW) – This pump features Proven AirlocK Protection and Custom Control as well as having the option to power by batteries. It also includes the carrying tote!

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–          Tomy MiPump (Y4613) – This pump comes with a tote bag and the option to put batteries in the bottom and use it on the go. 

I ended up picking the Medela Pump in Style Advanced based on the good things I heard about it and recommendations from others. The Ameda sounded good too, but I was just more familiar with the Medela. I hadn’t even heard of the Tomy. The representative that replied to my request also gave me a chart of upgrades should I choose them, based on my insurance coverages. I got the Medela Pump In Style Advanced pump and decided to get the battery pack add-on. That way, if I’m out without a place to plug in, I have a backup power source. I used it while riding in a car once, so maybe it wasn’t a necessary purchase. I probably would have been better off getting a car adapter. Oh well, live and learn, right?

One other great thing about Aeroflow is they send me reminders that I’m eligible for free replacement pump parts every few months! I got my pump in September originally, and in December and a few weeks ago they sent me a reminder to order the replacement pieces through them. All I had to do was click the link and confirm my email for eligibility. They did the rest and the supplies were shipped to my house. Easy peasy.

Hope this information is helpful to someone and feel free to share any of your own tips related to breast pumps.

Breast Pump Through Insurance Landing Page



If you’re looking for more information about selecting a breast pump you can use this Insurance Lookup tool.

Get your Breast Pump Through Insurance

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38 responses to “How to Order a Breast Pump through Insurance

  1. Debi

    Thank you so much for this! I went on Pintrest today procrastinating against calling my insurance company, and I see your pin as the first one on my home page! It was so easy!!! THANK YOU!

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  3. This is great. I was able to get a breast pump and car seat through my insurance company. This reminds me that I need to call and ask about a toddler seat and bike helmet. I’m sure lots of people have this benefit on their health insurance coverage and aren’t even using it. Great article, thanks for sharing this great info.

    • Ooh, tell me more about getting the car seat! I didn’t know that was an option, did you have to call to ask what type of carseat was covered or was a similar service available?

      • Yeah I just had to call and ask. They allow a car seat suitable for the childs age, but they didn’t offer newborn sized car seats. So far I’ve gotten one convertible for an infant that can hold its head up until toddler age and a booster seat.

  4. Susan

    What great information for soon-to-be moms. Twenty years ago insurance didn’t cover the cost of my breast pump, but I used it through my 3 children. It was a great investment. Thanks for sharing at the This Is How We Roll Link Party on Organized 31.

  5. Amy Ngai

    Breast pumps are so expensive. This is great information for a new mom to have! Thanks for sharing. #ConfessionsLinkUp

  6. How wonderful that insurance now pays for breast pumps and how wonderful that you shared your knowledge with others on the new mom journey so that they can benefit from your research! My 1st child is 26. Long ago (though electricity HAD been invented 🙂 ) most people used hand pumps. My arm muscles were quite impressive by the time my daughter stopped breast feeding! 🙂

    • Hand pumps seem really complicated. When my mom had me she didn’t even have that, it was all just hand express, which I personally haven’t mastered. I haven’t tried a hand pump either though.

  7. I think it is so important that insurance covers breast pumps! I was fortunate to get one from my BFF who had received one through her insurance 5 years ago when mine did not cover it. It was the Medela Pump and I loved it. Used it for both my kids!

  8. This wasn’t even an option when my babies were born. It was rent from the hospital or buy out of pocket – and they are so expensive. I’m happy to hear that things are getting easier.
    You did a great job of collecting information for other moms to take advantage of – sharing your post!

    • Thanks Karen! At least renting from the hospital was an option for you. The hospital-grade pumps are much better than what the insurance provides.

  9. This is good information. I am out of this stage in my life but some of my younger friends or kids friends would be glad to know that some of the breast pumps are covered. It seems like you did a lot of research. I am going to pass this along. Thanks so much!

    • I’ve heard of other organizations doing the same thing, can’t name them off the top of my head, but people in my BF group mentioned them. So glad things like this exist because we have enough to try to figure out.

    • True. I called my insurance quite a few times to see if they would cover some things, but they did not. Like: lactation consultant and doula.

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