Organizing for Your Lifestyle, Bust Clutter Once and for All

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Organizing and decluttering – that’s been on my goals list for a while, and yet life keeps coming at me and making that goal slip on the priorities list.

I’m sure you’re in the same boat, because if we were all super organized with decluttered, magazine-quality homes, there wouldn’t be so many books about organizing and decluttering.

Organizing for your Lifestyle Review

I was given the opportunity to receive a free copy of Organizing for Your Lifestyle and share my honest review with my lovely readers, so here we go, all honesty.

The book has a lot of golden nuggets, but they are not easy to find. The style itself of the book didn’t quite work for me, as it is written in long paragraphs and isn’t skim-ready.

What I want from a book? Lists. Charts. Quick takeaways.

I read the book through, and then wanted to go back and make my own infographic to share with your lovely self, but found I had to almost re-read chapters to find the good stuff to pull out for the infographic. In retrospect, sure I could have read with a highlighter the first time. But maybe I shouldn’t have to?

These types of self-help books need to be easily digestible, like blog posts are supposed to be. Short paragraphs. Lists. Good images.

But enough of my complaints about the style. What about the content?

Well, I did find the content to be useful and full of good suggestions. The author mostly shares her experience in the many homes she has lived in and how she managed to organize the space (or lack thereof). I liked the suggestions on what you really need in your closet, and how to think about getting rid of items. Her suggestions on what to fold and what to hang are great, and I included those in the infographic I made.

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I liked how there were chapters for each area of the home – from closets, to bathrooms, to kitchens, to bookshelves. Everyone can pick some detail that can help apply to their situation, and that’s what the purpose of the book is. It just takes a little focus and reading to pull out these gems. So I took the liberty to collect some of them for you.

Conquering the Clutter in our Lives

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When you have the right information and tools at your fingertips, being organized becomes so much easier.

  • You know which papers to keep (and which should immediately be thrown away).
  • You’re more confident in saying no to the things on your calendar that don’t matter (and yes to the things that do).
  • You start learning the difference between what you really need and what will just add to the clutter to your home.
  • You feel less stressed (and you’ll probably enjoy life more, too).

That’s why I wanted to share this Conquer Your Clutter Super Bundle with you. The Conquer Your Clutter Super Bundle is just the amazing collection of resources to help us reach our goals! Don’t miss out on this super-short opportunity to get a complete collection of organizational resources for a crazy low price.


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