Remembering the last latch

Posted January 12, 2016 by Julie in Parenting / 8 Comments

I’ve heard it said that you will never know when a latch is your last, and I have definitely found that to be true. My supply has dried up pretty much overnight, and it was unexpected.I didn’t know when it would stop, and I was very happy that I continued to feed my little guy at least an ounce or two of breast milk a day for as long as I could.

I’m saddened that it was so sudden, and I really wanted to make it through winter and this cold season. I also can’t claim the next La Leche League badge, since it goes from 1 year to 15 months, and my supply only lasted 14. But those 14 months were a wonderful gift that I am grateful for.

My milk dried up last Thursday. That morning I only pumped a few drops. The following morning, Friday, I saw only condensation. So that was that, and it was time to pack it all up. I packed up the pump and all my breastfeeding and bottle feeding supplies in a big plastic bin this weekend. Baby H is using sippy cups now so we no longer need to keep the bottles out.

Packing it all away was definitely bittersweet. In a way I am relieved to start to own my body again, and maybe even sleep in a bit in the mornings since I no longer have to get up and pump before getting ready for work (unless the little guy wakes early). I will miss it, definitely, there is something very special about a breastfeeding relationship that I never understood before, and will definitely cherish now.

As for the last latch? It was most likely Wednesday evening. If that even counts, since for the most part he took a few “sips” and screamed and bit me. That had been going on for a few evenings, and I know my supply is lowest in the evening and the little guy is impatient.

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The last latch I will choose to remember would be Tuesday morning. Baby H woke early, right around when I was getting up to pump, so I went and got him and we relaxed in my recliner. He snuggled against me and enjoyed his breakfast treat, and it was a very sweet way to start the morning. This is the latch I will choose to remember and think back on fondly as this little man continues to grow.

And I will set my alarm clock for 30 minutes later, because now I can.


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8 responses to “Remembering the last latch

  1. I feel you. I felt that way with my daughter. I cut her off cold turkey at 12 months. I wish I would have went longer. I remember her last latch and it hurt to know that, that was it. But you did great momma. You went 14 months. That’s a big accomplishment!

  2. I had to skim this because I knew it would make me cry! I made it 17 months with my 1st and I don’t know what will happen with my 2nd. 14 months is amazing and you should be very proud. “The Last Latch” <3 So bittersweet!!!

  3. I have super fond memories of breastfeeding my kiddos. And all but the youngest remember me feeding their siblings. It’s honestly one reason I can’t bear to get rid of the rocking chair in the boys’ room. That was *our* chair for…I guess a total of about 45 months over three kids!

    • That is definitely a well-loved rocking chair. 45 months whew! I would say that chair can continue to have a use as a reading nook, no?

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