Rent Your Maternity Clothing with Bella Gravida

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I participated in a Blog Blast Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Bella Gravida. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

Pregnancy changes our bodies in so many ways, not just physically with the rounding of our bellies, but also our self-image changes and our comfort levels with clothing items change too. I remember trying to have my regular clothes last longer by using belly bands and wearing camisoles under unbuttoned shirts. That worked at first, but quickly got to be a problem. So I started buying bigger items and eventually bought full-fledged maternity clothing. It felt like every month or so I had to find something different that still felt comfortable with my constantly changing body. But now that I’m no longer pregnant, all those clothes are sitting in a box in the closet. I just heard about the Bella Gravida launch, and I’m wondering, where was this when I was pregnant?


Bella Gravida means Beautifully Pregnant in Italian. What a lovely sentiment. What are they? Well, Bella Gravida is a maternity clothing rental line. That’s right, why buy maternity clothing when you can rent it, and try something new each month? Their research shows that 96% of pregnant or recently pregnant women found maternity clothing to be too expensive, low quality, or lacking variety. With all of the changes associated with pregnancy, don’t we still want the ability to feel beautiful and stylish in our clothing? I’ve heard of other monthly subscription services – both for food and fashion, so why not maternity clothing?


Bella Gravida provides a revolving closet of lovely outfits for a flat monthly fee with free shipping (and unlimited exchanges with no return deadline). Also, since laundry is everyone’s favorite chore /sarcasm, this subscription includes laundry service! Bella Gravida monthly plans start as low as $39, so it is a fun and affordable new way to enjoy being pregnant and wear the latest clothing from fabulous designers (even clothing by Kate Middleton’s maternity wear designer). This service includes styles in the categories of Classic, Modern Trendy, Romantic, Bohemian, Dramatic, and Southern Chic.

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I took their personal style quiz, and turns out I am Southern Chic. I think I’m a mix of that and Classic though. I picked a few outfits that I can totally see myself wearing, what do you think?

Bella Gravida maternity clothes options

The Bella Gravida website just launched a few days ago, so give them a visit and see how their lovely service can fit into your pregnancy lifestyle.
They can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.



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2 responses to “Rent Your Maternity Clothing with Bella Gravida

  1. This is such an amazing idea! I refused to buy maternity clothes this time around because of how expensive they are! I would have definitely tried renting though. It’s so important to feel comfortable while you are pregnant but it’s also important to like the way you look. There are already so many changes happening that I always wanted to look better than I felt. I didn’t always pull it off, but I always felt good when I did.

    • I definitely understand the wanting to look better than you’re feeling, cause most time you’re feeling lousy in one way or another. I remember I definitely felt happier on days when I looked good too.

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