Mess-Free Sensory Science Color Activity for Toddlers

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So you know by now I Love (yes with a capital L) simple, fun, easy toddler activities, and even more so when they are not so messy.

A fellow fantabulous blogging duo just published this lovely book called The Sensory Science Book (Volume 1). And you know we’re all about filling the needs of my silly, hyper, sensory-seeking boy. So today I’m sharing a fun and super simple sensory science color activity from the book that we did this evening after work.

The activity we did was the color mixing sensory bags activity. This sensory science activity is perfect for 3-year-olds and even younger toddler and infants. These simple types of science activities are great for sensory play and brain development.


Mess-Free Sensory Science Color Activity

The supplies list is super short:

  • 3 Sandwich Bags (with a zipper top)
  • Yellow Paint
  • Red Paint
  • Blue Paint

So what you do is squeeze a bit of paint into each baggie. A quarter-size on each side of the bag with space in between. Then carefully zip the bag so no paint can escape. That’s the mess-free part! Win!

Combine the colors like so:

  • Yellow and Blue
  • Red and Yellow
  • Blue and Red


Then you let the silly toddler squish the baggies to combine the colors! First, ask what colors they see. Then, ask what color it becomes when mixed together. Fun times, as you can see my little one had a blast.



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My 3-year-old doesn’t quite understand why colors change, but he sure loved watching the colors change when he squished the bag (excellent proprioceptive input activity by the way).

Older kids can try to hypothesize what the colors will turn into when mixed. You can discuss the different primary colors and the color wheel.

So like I said, the activity was created by the lovely bloggers behind this book, and the book is fab. I can’t wait to keep doing these activities with my little one. As a woman in science, I love showing my son how fun science is and watching his eyes light up.

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You’ll definitely want to grab a copy of this book! It has activities for all ages, and they can be adapted to the learning level of the child.


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  1. We love painting in a bag. It’s such a great way to paint and not make a huge mess. Another option is to put a paper in the bag, squeezes of paint on the paint and then close the bags. This way you can take out the paper and have a toddler masterpiece. Rachel from

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