15+ Side Hustle Ideas to earn extra Money from Home and Pay Down Debt

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Side hustles are getting more popular these days as busy parents yearn for more flexibility and a better work-life balance. Many of us have accumulated quite a bit of debt and are working on paying it down (student loans anyone?) and balancing our budgets. Being able to earn some extra money from home is wonderful and can help in so many situations. Read on for some great ideas for side-hustle businesses you can start and maybe even work from the comfort of your home in your pajamas!


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Side Hustle Ideas to earn extra Money from Home and Pay Down Debt


Side-Hustles Online

Like this one! Blogging is a wonderful way to express yourself, make connections with others, and make a difference. It allows you to be super creative with honing your writing skills, learning photography, and sharing your adventures!

Affiliate marketing can be an incredible side-hustle. It can be partnered with blogging, or just in social media or email (per the terms of the affiliate company, of course). You promote products you already use and love and get a commission if someone snags it up with your link.

Starting a part-time Digital marketing and SEO consulting business from home can be amazing because consulting hourly rates are quite lucrative, so the hours of work required to reach a goal can be much lower than a full-time job.

  • Social Media Consultant

Being a digital consultant is one of the more popular work-at-home business ideas. You can sell all kinds of services based on your expertise. There are many different ways to be a social media consultant, and you can even be very specific in your niche! I recently interviewed a social media consultant who specifies in helping military and spouses!

  • Surveys

Online surveys can be easy and quick. You get to sample products, share your thoughts, and get paid! Here is a list of survey companies you can join to earn yourself some extra spending money:

  1. Opinion Outpost
  2. Nielsen Computer and Mobile Panel
  3. Pinecone Research
  4. ESearch
  5. Survey Voices
  6. Survey Junkie
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  • User testing

It has become a popular tip for blog owners to get a free test of their website to get an idea of how a new user understands and navigates your site through User Testing.


Side-Hustles from your Car

Do you like to drive around? Are you just fine with passengers in your car? If so, you might like to drive for Uber. Pick someone up from the airport and take them to their home. Be someone’s designated driver home from the bar to avoid drunk driving issues on the road.

Uber EATS works with the best restaurants in your city to deliver local food. There are 3 types of couriers on Uber EATS: 1) Biker 2) Driver 3) Scooter. Wouldn’t it be a great side hustle gig to deliver meals to the elderly, or to new moms who seriously have no time to cook or drive around?

Side-Hustles selling a Service

You can become a photographer if you already have amazing photo-taking skills! People are always looking to memorialize important events – weddings, new baby, etc. If you have the talent and are good at capturing emotion in a click, this might be the gig for you.

  • Coaching

Being a business coach to other aspiring business owners has gained a ton of popularity lately. If you’re amazing at motivating and teaching someone how to simplify their business model, you can really take off in this avenue.

  • Sell services on Fiverr

You can create gigs for just about anything on Fiverr – social media, graphic design, ebook design, editing, etc. the list goes on. Decide what you’re good at and can do quickly and set up a gig.

  • Run a Bed and Breakfast

Ever thought of owning a hotel and running a bed and breakfast service? It is a pretty interesting idea, and I have an interview with a B&B owner.

  • Be a Pet Sitter

I have a lovely interview with a pet sitter about the business of playing with cats and dogs. Yes, get paid to pet animals.

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Side-Hustles selling a Product

  • Direct Sales Consultant

Being a direct sales consultant is a very popular way to sell a product without having to create your own.

Wine lovers can share the love of wine by working as a Wine Guide. In fact there are several wine direct sales options (I have an upcoming interview with another).

I recently interviewed a Norwex consultant who shared how to get started in direct sales.

  • Etsy shop

If you make handmade products or even digital printables, you can start a shop on Etsy and sell your goods. My neighbors have a woodworking business. I knew someone who sold festive hair tie bows for young girls.

  • Start your own clothing line

You can even start your own website to sell your designs. I have an interview with an industrial designer who started her own clothing line. I also interviewed an Amazon selelr with her own shop.



Side-Hustles Investing and Trading

  • Invest in Stocks

Stocks allow you to share in the profits of a company as it grows and thrives. You can start investing even with a fraction of a share using Stockpile.  Trading is done online or from your app, making purchasing shares super easy. My review post has more details.

  • Online Trading

Start off online trading on the right foot by choosing brokers which have demonstrated reliability over the years. A good trading platform to start with would be something like CMC Markets that offers a host of trading tools and a wealth of helpful tutorials for those who are new to the industry.


Over to you – what side hustle ideas do you have? Have you started a side business of your own? I’d love to interview you!



15+ Side Hustle Ideas: Make Money from Home & Pay Down Debt


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