Side-Hustle Series: Interview with Butter Angels Handcrafted Skin Care

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I am enjoying interviewing professionals and mom bosses about their line of work or their side hustles. Today I am sharing an interview with military entrepreneur Rolande Sumner who started a business called Butter Angels Handcrafted Skin Care.

Tell us a little about yourself and your business. Why did you select it and how did you get started?

I’m a US Army veteran, a mom, and a wife. During my military service, I decided to create my own natural skin care to address my dry skin. After many years of trial, error, education, and mentorship, I developed highly effective products made with exotic ingredients from around the world. I am now retired from the military and have turned my skincare hobby into a thriving business. I handcraft each of my products in my private laboratory with love, cGMP practices, and military precision.


Describe what you do and what you sell for those of us not familiar with your line of work or product. 

Simply put, I make luxury skincare products by hand in my private lab. I make natural vegan skin care product made with exotic ingredients from around the work. My current line consists of Vitality Day Serum, Hydration Night Serum, Every Day Facial Wash, Quench Body Butter, Crack Relief Pedi Bar, and Lip Moisturizer in Classic and Pink Lemonade flavors. Each product is formulated to be non-greasy, fast absorbing, and vegan. Many of the exotic ingredients I use are Mongongo Oil, Moringa Oil, Illipe Butter, Kokum Butter to name a few. Butter Angels products are concentrated, so consumers don’t need a lot. Many of my customers have indicated that they’ve experienced a noticeable improvement in the condition of their skin once they start to use it.

Butter Angels is active in the women veteran community. I am an ambassador of the Women Social Justice Network (WVSJ), a non-profit organization that assists women veterans in various ways. For example, they assist homeless veterans to find shelter and housing, they offer an internship as well as treats. The purpose of WVSJ unit the women veteran community. I’m also a member of Sister Veterans of Greenville Spartanburg and Minority Women Veteran Organization (MWVO). Sister Veterans of Greenville Spartanburg is an organization that brings local women veterans of all background together to fellowship. MWVO is a non-profit organization that assist women veterans in their transition from the military into civilian life. They assist women veterans in entrepreneurship, general employment, arts, modeling, internships and more.

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Butter Angels is formulated to beautify and soothe dry skin without leaving a heavy greasy residue. It’s also formulated to last a long time. Butter Angels also powers Sister Soldier Entrepreneur, a media source for African American women veteran entrepreneurs. Sister Soldier Entrepreneur host interviews with women veteran entrepreneurs. Guests are able to share their entrepreneurial stories, products, services, and expertise. We’ve interviewed award-winning artists and authors, beauty experts, marketing experts and more. You may find us at


What are some of your favorite things about what you do?

I love to serve others. Helping veteran women soothe their dry skin and stay inspired feed my soul. Butter Angels gives me the platform to help others on a grander scale.


What are some challenges of this business?

Branding and marketing come to mind. Both require you to dig deep inside and share a part of yourself to the world. I’m a private person. I don’t feel comfortable allowing people to see all of me. It’s definitely something I am working on.

For someone interested in what you do, can you share what to expect as far as earning potential and effort?

1- Read “Profit First” by Mike Michalowiczs. It shows you a new way to handle your business financial affairs so that you can pay yourself and have money left over to grow.

2- Product based businesses are great creatives who don’t mind making the same products frequently. Much of your earns will go to inventory, which isn’t a bad thing. It is something to consider if you choose to create your own product based business.

3- Determine what you want your life to feel and look like. Get detailed. Once you have decided what you’re future life will look like, then pursue your business. Your business needs to accommodate your future life. Remember, this is yours. So you don’t have to ask for permission to take care of your kids on a work day, or vacation. You can do whatever you want and be profitable if you know what you want your life to be like.

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Read “Doubling Your Business” by Cassie Parks. She has an excellent method that walks you through the process.

4- Educate yourself as often as possible. I turned my car into a mobile university by listening to audio books instead of music. I watch YouTube videos from some of my favorite business owners. Be creative and get educated.

5- Money is tight sometimes, but remember you get what you pay for. Free services are not always what you need. Sometimes you’ll have to pay to learn or receive what you need. Invest in your business and yourself so your business can grow.


What does it take for someone to get started with their own side hustle in your line of work?

It takes a deep desire for freedom to start a business. It is a special type of tutor you choose to endear to see your dream come true. If you are not a risk taker and don’t have a true desire to do things your way and on your own terms, your business is not going to make it. Dreams of billions of dollars flowing in will not always get you through those tough times.


Anything else you would like to tell us about your business?

If you dream will not let you eat, sleep, or function without it, then you need to do it…NOW. That is God telling you that he has blessed you with a gift. It’s time you took and ran with it. Failure is a sign that you are learning and growing. So don’t be afraid of it. God doesn’t make mistakes, and he didn’t make a mistake when he planted this dream in your soul.


If you’re interested in learning more about Rolande Sumner contact her at her website Butter Angels Handcrafted Skin Care.


If you would like to be interviewed for my side hustle series, please fill out this form.

Side-Hustle Series: Interview with Butter Angels Handcrafted Skin Care

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