How To Stay Organized When Working Full-Time

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How To Stay Organized When Working Full-Time



Being a working mom has become a norm in today’s society. Mothers that have children under 18 participate in the workforce at whopping 70% and over 75% of those working mothers work full time.

The statistics on women working and earning degrees in higher education continues to rise every year, we’re basically taking over the world 😉

Having kids and working is a lot to manage. It can be overwhelming at times because you are constantly on go and it feels like it doesn’t slow down as the kids continue to grow.

Being organized will help you stay sane and productive. You’ll feel in control instead of your day instead of letting it run you.

Here are some tips to help you stay organized when working full time


How To Stay Organized When Working Full-Time


Here’s how to stay organized when working full-time:


Turn It Off:  When you leave the office, leave it there.  Turn off notifications at night if you need too.  Constantly checking your email at night or on the weekend is a distraction.  Be intentional about your time spent on the weekends so when Monday rolls back around, you are rested and fully ready for the week ahead.


Write It Down: Using printables is one of the easiest and least expensive ways to become organized.  You can use customized printables or just a piece of paper and a pen.  Or you can opt for a fancy planner.  Either way, putting it on paper will boost your productivity, it also makes planning easier and you’ll feel relieved.

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Delegate: Offload tasks that can be handled with help.  Whether it’s hiring a cleaning lady or getting lawn care.  It is worth the investment and those tasks can easily be taken off your to-do list.

If you live near family, use their help or find a college student looking to make some extra money.  You’ll be happy you did.


Get Your Kids to Help:  Babies and young toddlers really can’t help out much when it comes to putting toys away but as they get older they’ll be able to start helping out.  This will save you time from picking up toys and also teach them the importance of putting them away on their own.



Meal Plan: Grocery shopping and meal planning is a process.  Going into a week without a plan, everyone fails.

Pick a day of the week that works best for you for planning purposes, allow 30 minutes, and stick to it.  This will give you enough time to pick out meals as well as figure out what ingredients you already have and make your grocery shopping list.

Keep your meal plan posted where you can see it.  It can be on a door, cabinet, on the refrigerator, etc. You can use a clipboard and a 3M Command Hook.

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Batch process:  Instead of doing little things each day, pick one day and get it done.  For example, laundry.  No one likes to do laundry (if you have, send them my way please!) doing a little bit every day is dreadful.  Pick a day and get it all done with.

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Have One Main Calendar: Use one calendar for everything.  Multiple calendars are tough to manage and things get lost in the shuffle.

Most working moms have a work calendar and personal calendar but don’t combine the two because they don’t want their personal on their work computer.  I do write down all of my work appointments in my paper calendar, it is duplicating work but it has minimized the confusion. Whether you use an electronic calendar or paper calendar, have one master calendar and stick to it.


Author Bio

A working mom to two with a third on the way. I’ve worked in Corporate America for ten plus years. Organizing has always been my passion and I realized how important and hard it was to be organized after returning to work from our first born.
Being organized and having a plan keeps me sane. After trying many Planners, there wasn’t anything that fit my needs as a working mom. The Organized Planner was created to help manage and organize personal and work life.
Organized Marie is a place for working moms to create simple, everyday organizing solutions for their home. Every working mom can have an organized, stress free home.


How To Stay Organized When Working Full-Time

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    • I end up having to have multiple calendars (one work, one on my client computer, and then my personal one where I keep everything relevant together) – extra work but at least can’t forget the important stuff.

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