Thankful for the pumping arrangement at work.

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I’ve been working directly out of my client’s office for about 3 years now. Being a contractor, most of the special benefits are reserved for employees – for example if an employee is sick, he/she can go down to the nurse’s office and get treatment, while a contractor can’t do that. Thankfully, the lactation rooms are available to both contractors and employees. I don’t even know what the set-up would be at my actual firm (we moved into a new office about a year ago and adopted a new “open concept” floor plan, where everyone is seated at desks, not cubes, and all the offices have glass walls. I don’t know what arrangement they would have to do for me, but for the time being I am happy to have the lactation rooms at my client’s office available to me.

The nurse’s office here has three lactation rooms, each equipped with a hospital-grade pump (the Medela Symphony). After birth my hospital gave me an attachment kit so I could use their pump while I was admitted, so thankfully I have all the supplies I need. The nurses’s office even has a cabinet where we can keep a bag of supplies! I just leave one set of accessories and the connector that goes to their hospital grade pump in my bag for me to use when I need to. I store the pumping supplies in the refrigerator between uses and wash them at the end of the day and store in my bag in their cabinet. They also provide bottled water in the refrigerator since we really need to stay hydrated.

I don’t have to carry my own pump that insurance sent me (the Medela pump-in-style advanced) back and forth, running the risk of forgetting it one day and ending up in a lot of pain. I keep my own pump at home so I can use it in the morning and on weekends if needed, and thankfully I have several sets of supplies so I can easily keep a set at home and a set at work.

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While pumping isn’t as comfortable as nursing would be, this set up is helping me keep up my breastfeeding relationship with my child longer, as my goal is to go at least 6 months (but I would prefer the full first year). I’m thankful to be able to provide even some milk for Baby H and give him all the good immunities he wouldn’t otherwise be able to have.

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23 responses to “Thankful for the pumping arrangement at work.

  1. And you’re of course on your way to your 1 year goal! How fab that you have your current work arrangement that facilitates pumping with hospital grade pumps. I wish my work was that prepared; I mean, fancy a lactation room!

    I hope your company has this kind of provision in the future for employees who need it. Otherwis, you’ll have to tell them about your experience at this company, as an example of what they need to do. 🙂

    Thanks for linking in with #BreastfeedingandI

    • Thanks hon 🙂 Yea most workplaces just have a quiet room or two that pumping moms can use as they need, but this kind of set up is amazing and rare.

  2. That’s so great that your work is supportive of your Breastfeeding. I think this is a key thing that all employees need to look at. I think the opportunities to lump etc in an appropriate setting is something that should be offered to new mums returning to work, rather than mums feeling they need to ask and fight for their rights. I remember pumping one time at work in full view of other staff because there was nowhere else to pump. Luckily I’m quite open and wasn’t bothered by this, but there would be plenty of women who would be!

  3. I am pleased to hear that you are provided with facilities to pump. A friend of mine (a school teacher) had to pump breast milk behind a screen in the classroom! Thanks for linking up at Mum-bo Monday

  4. I remember when I had twins, I would breastfeed one and pump for the other (she wouldn’t latch) and it was exhausting, but I am so glad that I did. Good luck in finding the balance, and remember, if you are unable to do it for the whole 6 mo or year, it is o.k. I had a lot of “shaming” from other moms when my one little one didn’t latch. My dr. called them “breastfeeding Nazis”. It’s all good. We all do the best that we can in the moment. I am just glad you are getting so much support from work. That is fantastic!

    • Oh that’s such an accurate term ha! I might have to use it. You’re so right that we do the best we can. How interesting that your twins latched (or didn’t latch) differently. It is amazing how different each child can be.

    • It is great when companies are supportive. This working mom thing is difficult enough so that makes it so much easier to continue.

  5. I’m so glad to see that you are supported at work. It makes pumping much easier. I must have gotten walked on fifty times last year.

    • Eep getting walked in on while connected to all that scary looking pump stuff must be just as awkward and embarrassing for the person walking in as for you doing the pumping.

  6. What a great perk a lactation room is. We have one now, but I’ve heard stories of other mothers that had to pump in supply closets, etc. Great job continuing the breastfeeding journey now that you’re back at work. It’s a great accomplishment!

  7. Angela Gilmore {Working On Working Mom}

    That’s a great arrangement! When I was pumping for my son, I would bring my pump with me to work every day. I took the bus for a while and lugged that big huge bag on and off every day. Luckily they had a nurse’s room where I could sit in privacy and I was given my own refrigerator to store my milk, so I couldn’t really complain. I am expecting in June and am already starting to think about what my plan will be since I am at a new job!

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