Tips for a Fun Family Hike with Small Kids

Posted July 30, 2018 by Julie in Parenting, Sponsored / 5 Comments

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A family hike can be a lot of fun. By hike, I do mean a gentle, easy, fun walk in the park through some trails. I’m including small kids after all. A three-year-old is adventurous, but also clumsy. So no serious hiking steep cliffs for us. But we do enjoy walking the trails around the lake and in the local parks here in Central Texas. We are especially looking forward to cooler temperatures when fall arrives, so we can do them more often. Here are some of our tips to enjoy a fun family hike in your local park.

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Pick a Simple Trail

As I said already, hiking with kids is best when the trails are simple and fun. Pick a fun park with an easy walking trail with some great views. This will keep small kids from getting overtired or cranky. If you end the end the walk with a visit to the nearby fun playground, even better.


Stay Hydrated

Being hydrated during and after an extensive park hike is crucial to stay healthy as dehydration is a serious problem. Drinking water is great for these hikes and sometimes you need a drink that has a little more nutrient and power to it to help recover from a great hike. That’s where BODYARMOR Sports Drink comes in!

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Be Prepared

This simply means plan and think ahead. Be sure to wear sunscreen. Wear hats and sunglasses if it’s a hot and sunny day. Wear light fabrics that breathe and move easily. Or, if it is a chilly day, wear layers so you don’t overheat.

Are you going somewhere very wooded? Please also use bug spray. But bites are no fun and can lead to other complications you are not looking for when you want to enjoy a family hike in a park.

If your child is in the process of potty training, bring a change of clothes. Also, bring some snacks – granola bars or trail mix. No one wants a fun walk to be interrupted by a hangry toddler.

It might be a good idea to have a small first aid kit, at least with wipes and bandages. Scraped knees happen.

I like to carry a few of these essentials in a backpack.


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Over to you – what tips do you have for an enjoyable family hike?



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5 responses to “Tips for a Fun Family Hike with Small Kids

  1. Great tips, we love going on little hikes with our kids. We found an easy trail that leads to a waterfall that our kids love. I think the biggest thing is to remember to take it slow. Little kids love to stop and explore everything, so let them. It’s a great way for them to learn and you to spend time together.

  2. These are great tips. I set a goal at the beginning of the year to hike more and I’ve pretty much failed. This is a good reminder!

  3. Thanks for sharing these helpful tips! I completely agree that preparation is key. I love reading other mom’s comments on what trails they used, how much fun they had and if they would recommend to other moms with small children. I’m a list taker and so I LOVE having a checklist and marking the items off as I pack them. This helps make sure that I don’t forget anything (especially bug spray and small first aid kit.) My tips is to make sure everyone has a camera, you never know what you may see on the trail!

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