6 things you should try if your toddler is coughing non-stop

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What to try if your Toddler is Coughing non-stop | Fab Working Mom Life | what to do if toddler is sick, baby is sick, first cold, daycare illness, caring for a sick child



Here are the 6 things you should try if your toddler is coughing non-stop

Your child falling sick can be your worst nightmare. While we may all be okay when we’re hit with the occasional flu, the sight of your ailing child will almost always make you feel depressed. One occasion where you’ll feel this sense of desperation and anxiety is when your toddler is coughing non-stop, especially when they can’t sleep during the night.

Unfortunately, you can’t offer them over-the-counter medicine as well because according to the American Academy of Pediatrics, children under 4-6 years shouldn’t be given any drugs as they can be harmful.

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While there are many reasons young kids cough day in, day out, we’re on a mission to tell you about six things which you should try so your child can get better, and you can get some peace of mind.

So, test out these six remedies if your toddler is coughing non-stop and you’re sure to get some promising results.

1.    Use A Cool Mist Humidifier

Your toddler may cough when the air is too dry. In such a case, use a cool mist humidifier to prevent your room and surrounding area from getting too arid. This trick will also clear your toddler’s airways and keep them moist.

Make sure you invest in a good humidifier and make it a point to wash and clean it after every use otherwise bacteria can accumulate on the inside of the machine, and this can lead to your child feeling worse.

2.    Go All in With Steam

If you have a cranky ‘coughing’ toddler, you can give them some steam to loosen up the mucus. Since it is recommended that you don’t use the conventional way of providing steam or use a machine, instead fill your bathroom with steam and sit together with the toddler. All you have to do is to run a hot shower, shut the door and sit inside for at least 15 minutes before bedtime and 15 minutes after they wake up. You can also encourage the congestion breakup process by patting lightly on the toddler’s chest and back.

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3.    Bring Out the Nasal Drops

Another technique which you can experiment with especially if you feel like your toddler has a stuffed nose or has difficulty breathing is to use nasal drops. These drops can loosen up the mucus and make it easier for you to remove the snot with a nasal aspirator or a bulb syringe. Remember that because kids don’t know how to blow their noses until they are 4 years old, it is crucial that you extract the mucus.

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4.    Offer Plenty of Fluids

We’ve all heard that both kids and adults need to drink a lot of fluids when they’re feeling sick. But do you know why it is recommended?

Well, not only water keeps us hydrated when our body is working extra hard to fight out the infections, but it also helps in thinning out the mucus and keeps the membranes moist. When mucus is thin, it gives your toddler an easier chance to blow it out. While water should be your #1 priority, you can offer homemade juices, and popsicles to help the toddler increase his fluid intake. Also, don’t believe in myths that say that milk causes mucus because research shows that this isn’t true.

5.    Try Out Natural Remedies

It is recommended that you refrain from giving honey to babies younger than one year of age because it causes health problems. However, you can give honey to your toddler as a stand-alone remedy.

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Studies reveal that honey can treat nighttime coughs. The best type of honey is buckwheat honey which is darker and has a stronger taste, all varieties of this gift from the bees will do the trick when you want to soothe and coat a scratchy throat. Give a spoonful to your toddler at bedtime and after waking up or make a concoction of ginger, cinnamon, and honey.

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6.    Rub Vicks VapoRub

Though this might seem like an old wives’ tale, rubbing baby Vicks on the chest, back and feet will bring instant relief to the toddler. Avoid making the mistake of rubbing the ointment on and around their nose as this causes difficulty in breathing. Instead, listen to people who swear by the effectiveness of rubbing Vicks on their child’s feet and covering them with socks because believe it or not, it works!

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Always remember that because there are a lot of reasons for a toddler cough, you should be cautious about any symptoms such as fever, lethargy, difficulty breathing, and restlessness as these can sometimes indicate other problems. Just about any infection can cause fever. So, visit your child’s pediatrician. You can also schedule an online appointment with your child’s doctor using a HIPAA compliant telemedicine app.

What to try if your Toddler is Coughing non-stop | Fab Working Mom Life | what to do if toddler is sick, baby is sick, first cold, daycare illness, caring for a sick child

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