Ways I’m Finding more Energy this Year

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One of my goals for this year is to be more present and in the moment, both with my child and at work. Being in the moment requires being alert and focused, rather than foggy-headed and in a haze. Now that my son is sleeping better, I can finally shake that sleepy haze off and work on boosting energy and focus.

Ways I'm Finding more Energy this Year

Going to Bed Earlier to get more Sleep at Night

I used to have a goal of being in bed by midnight because I would spend my evenings after finally getting the toddler asleep working or catching up on my own to-do list.  But surviving on five hours of sleep or so is not sustainable and my health certainly suffered. My husband being home again is really helping me go to bed on time and not lose track of time working late. Of course, it also helps that the toddler listens better to Daddy and bedtime goes smoother when he’s home. Getting closer to eight hours of sleep is vital to health, well-being, and mental focus.


Taking Energy Supplements

Energy supplements are a great way to help start the day off on a good note and improve our focus and energy levels. I received a bottle of Remarkable365 to try out during the busy holiday season and share with my readers. On days when I remembered to take these supplements, I found myself with less brain fog during the day. I also found I drank a lot less coffee, and I can honestly drink an entire carafe some days. So only drinking a cup or two is a tremendous improvement in my energy and focus levels.

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Eat a Good Breakfast

Starting our day with a great breakfast helps kickstart the metabolism and wake the mind. I like to eat a good bowl of oatmeal, with fruit, to have a balanced start to my day.

Taking Vitamins

In order to stay focused and present, it is important to stay healthy. One way to do so is to get in the habit of taking our vitamins. Multi-vitamins and Omega-3s are great for our bodies and our minds, helping us perform at our best. I am not great at remembering to take my vitamins, but that is another of my items to work on this year.


Drink Water

Remembering to stay hydrated is key to boosting energy and mental focus. Dehydration can lead to fatigue, but drinking a glass of cool water helps bring your brain back to where it should be.


Going for Walks

When the weather allows, and typically on weekends as it is both cold and dark when I get home from work right now, I like to take a walk. On weekends that means a family walk with all of us going to the park. Fresh air does wonders for mental focus and alertness! When the winter days start easing into spring and there is more daylight in the evening again, I plan to resume my after work walks with my toddler while we’re waiting for Daddy to get home.


What steps are you taking to be more alert and find more energy?



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2 responses to “Ways I’m Finding more Energy this Year

  1. I feel like I’ve been in a fog since my daughter was born! Or maybe even before that with my son. I could definitely use something like this. I don’t do caffeine cause it makes me anxious, but recently I’ve been tempted to get back on it because of how tired I’ve been! Hopefully it’s just the weather, which is amazingly starting to get warmer.

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