Why Working Moms Can Benefit from Online Relationship Counseling

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Why Working Moms Can Benefit from Online Relationship Counseling


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As busy working women, it is so very easy to get carried away with all the trappings of “having it all”: kids, work, health and wellness, extracurriculars, parents, housekeeping – often, it feels like our romantic relationships and intimate lives come in last on the long list of priorities. Particularly as a mother, it can be difficult managing the kids, the house, parents, in-laws, friends…not to mention your other half.


Yet there are so many compelling reasons why we should flip our priorities to make sure romance, intimacy, and pleasure, be it with our spouse or life partner or a date, is high up on your list.

One important reason? Harvard’s longest study, which tracked participants for 75 years, found that loving, romantic relationships are the most important feature of long-term health and happiness.

And if you’re not ready to start thinking long-term yet, consider that a recent study published in Quartz found that people who have more sex perform better at work. So no matter the commitment level you want in your life, a vibrant love life can have boundless benefits. It’s the getting-to-the-point where you have the full passionate and romantic life that can seem a little daunting, though.


A New Way To Take On the World and Have It All

Isbel, a female-founded start-up based in Atlanta, has resolved to help women take control of their relationships, sex, and personal lives. They believe that, as women, we can have it all – and that should include a fulfilling love life. The company offers women (and men) consultations for when they need positive change related to relationships, sex, and intimacy using a solution-focused brief therapy model.


Why Anyone Can Benefit from Online Relationship, Sex and Dating Counseling

This means that instead of digging through countless websites or internet forums, hiring a sex educator or coach, spending hours – and valuable money – on a therapist’s couch (with or without your significant other) or paying for the copay of a doctor’s appointment, you have all the resources you need to get verified data, counsel and tangible next steps to assist you in being successful in your personal life – all in one place.

Whether you’re looking for information about how to get ready for your next relationship, or just want to check in about your existing one, or are struggling with something personal and don’t trust the answers online, Isbel is a great resource for women who want to prioritize their relationship and sexual health.  #girlpower


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Why Working Moms Can Benefit from Online Relationship Counseling





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