Wonderful Mom Facebook Groups You Must Join

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Motherhood in the digital age is an interesting beast. We no longer are tied to only the people we meet in our town (though let’s not discount how amazing local groups can be in making friends and getting to know our new towns).

We can connect with so many people through Facebook groups, and therefore can find even more support, and so many different opinions. While Facebook groups have their challenges (and challenging members), they generally are wonderfully helpful to mothers from around the world. Here are some of my favorite motherhood Facebook groups that I actively follow/participate in.


Wonderful Mom Facebook Groups You Must Join


Facebook Groups for Working Moms

Working Moms Work Together This group’s intention is to bring those of us together who by virtue of need or desire, don’t stay at home. This group isn’t meant to debate the topic of stay at home versus work, it’s simply a place to privately share the thoughts, feelings, and questions that working Mom’s have at any stage of motherhood. It is also a place for those who are more experienced to help those that are brand new to the concept. If your kids are older but you’ve been here, done that – there are a lot of us that need your wisdom, strength, and reminder that we are doing the right thing and that everything is going to be okay. My hope is that this is where working moms of all stages in life are able to work together to help one another through all things working… and Mom.

This is a great group for asking about working mom struggles and getting real answers from moms who are going through or who have been through something similar. It was one of the first groups I joined when I had my baby.


Moms with Careers Making it all Work Thanks for joining us to discuss the lows, the highs and everything in between related to being a working mom. We want this page to be a supportive place for working moms to share, vent, and most of all support each other. Please share photos, tips, questions, etc. Posting outside links is OK as long as it is related to being a working mom. GROUP MISSION: To support working mothers through conversation, commiseration, and otherwise.

This is another wonderful group to get feedback and support with all things working mom life. This group is huge and you can sometimes get hundreds of replies. So for that reason, this group has some strict rules to keep the feed from becoming a mess (i.e. images must be in a comment to the original post, not included in the post). This group also is best for amazing belly laughs with honest stories and situations.

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Facebook Groups for Motherhood

The Fussy Baby Site Support Group | Colic, High Needs Babies, Spirited Kids – This is the official support group of The Fussy Baby Site. This is a safe place for parents of fussy, colicky, high need or ‘spirited’ babies or kids to come for support, to ask questions, or just to commiserate. Please remember to be respectful of all parenting styles, and to not only ask questions but to GIVE support to your fellow parents

This group is about what we refer to as “Dragon” babies. They are very spirited, high needs, and give mamas extra grief. They are the opposite of the “unicorn” babies that let moms have a moment. If you can’t pee without holding your child, if you constantly lose battles with your 1-year-old, you probably have a dragon and could use the support of this group.


Mom Friends Hangout (formerly For the Love of Mom) – Welcome to Mom Friends Hangout! We are a group of moms that love the fact that we can stay connected to other moms, even when we can’t leave the house. Come laugh with us, connect with us and be our (virtual) friend!

This is a friendly group full of my favorite bloggers who blog about the mom life, little kids, etc. We’ll chat about our toddler struggles, share some fun activities we’re doing, and support each other through our real-life awkwardness. Also, I’ve been invited to be an admin so I’m excited to share it with my readers.


Older Moms Rock – This group is for older moms (35+) with small children. Older kids are fine as long as at least 1 of your children are young.

I included this one on recommendation but sounds like I can join after my next birthday.


Facebook Groups for Activities with Kids

Toddler Activity Time – A place for moms to share activities for toddlers with each other! Please share your favorite things to do with your toddler, even the simplest activity can give other moms great ideas and inspiration!

I just got invited to participate in this fun group! Getting to connect with fellow toddler mamas and sharing ideas with each other is fab, and also, you know we busy moms thrive on simple ideas for kids. It also has a related group for babies: Baby Activity Time.

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Hands On Huddle This is a branch off of the Hands On As We Grow Facebook page, just for chatting about kids activities. This is a place for parents to come together and share and ask for help finding new ideas! 

I’m a huge fan of Hands on as We Grow website and the amazing books of baby and toddler activities ideas. This group hosts her many awesome challenges as well as sharing all the fun ideas she has created and collected with her kids and on her blog.


What are some of your favorite Facebook groups?



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3 responses to “Wonderful Mom Facebook Groups You Must Join

  1. I also love Toddler & Baby Activity Time! Trader Joe’s Meal Ideas for Busy Moms is also a favorite 🙂 I’ve been meaning to compile a similar list, and this is giving me inspiration!

  2. This is a great resource! I just started joining facebook groups though so far I’ve only joined one blogging one, which I never participate in, a Gilmore Girls one, which is great to nerd out on, and a vegan one that has been super supportive and inspirational. I never realized how much these groups help out when you need some input or just an audience to bounce ideas off of.

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