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Being a working mom is certainly a challenge – we are doing multiple jobs, wearing many hats, and doing our best to be great at everything. So here are some items, courses, and ideas that help make this life a little easier.

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Resources to Rock Working Mom Life. Being a working mom is certainly a challenge - we are doing multiple jobs, wearing many hats, and doing our best to be great at everything. So here are some items, courses, and ideas that help make this life a little easier.

Moms with Babies or Moms to be

First of all, let me just give you a giant hug if you’re returning to work after maternity leave with a tiny, young baby still needing all of your attention the rest of the day (and night). This time is certainly a challenge, but we’ll get through it!

And you should derfinitely look into a breastfeeding class while you’re pregnant, a great one you can take from the comfort of your home is Milkology!

Milkology The Ultimate Breastfeeding Class


If you’re breastfeeding, you’ll need a breast pump. Good news, though, you can have your insurance cover it. Let Aeroflow do all the work on researching what your health insurance covers and ordering it for you, including replacement parts. See my post on how that works. Don’t forget to gather supplies for your pumping bag before your return.

And if you’re struggling with breastfeeding like I did, maybe some advice from a lactation specialist is in order. Check out these wonderful video courses from Lactation Link.


And when we need to be doing things around the house, you know, because we wear all the hats, babywearing is an excellent solution. I love my Ergobaby carrier and I have also shared all the other babywearing methods I have tried.


Be Organized

Wearing many hats means we have a lot to remember. Being organized is key. I like to use Google Calendar to write down all the important events, work meetings (so I can remember when I’m home that they’re coming up) and any of my to-do tasks so that I get reminders on my phone. I can access Google Calendar anywhere, at work, at home, on mobile, so it is very convenient for me.

I’ve seen a lot of people getting into planners and bullet journals recently. To me, that’s something you have to carry around with you to be useful and doesn’t quite fit in your pocket like a phone does. But, they do look pretty, and if you’re super visual can be extremely helpful in the chaos. I’m still thinking about starting using a planner next year. This lovely one that focuses on gratitude and goals has my attention.

I have come across this amazing course called Time Mastery for Women – you just have to check it out. We all suffer from endless to-do lists, working and taking care of the family taking its toll on us. But we want so much more out of life than constantly hustling and doing chores or errands. This course is designed to help with just that! It will only be offered twice a year so don’t miss out!

Here are two more workshop courses, that are on the smaller side and are more specific to morning and evening routines.

For Your Commute

If your commute is anything like mine, you’re probably super stressed by the time you even arrive at work in the morning. I have been listening to Audiobooks and they have really saved my sanity in Houston traffic. I love Audible and have a subscription so I can get new books each month (the credits usually cost less than the books would, but if the audiobooks are on sale, I obviously don’t waste a credit.) I also have a subscription to Audiobooks, which is kind of like Netflix for audio books! Yes, I subscribe to both. There can never be too many audiobooks!

If you’re lucky enough to not have to drive but take public transit instead, you can read an actual book or an ebook. Fill your eReader with some free e-books with the help of BookBub.

Child Care

If your child is in daycare, you want to make sure his/her belongings don’t get mixed up with someone else’s. Especially important for bottles! Add labels to all the important items.


If you are hiring a babysitter or a nanny, I have a nanny interview questions download you can grab to help out with your hiring process. You also really need a nanny contract and I have something to help with that as well.

Join the Working Mom Tribe!

Join the Working Mom Tribe (email list) and get support and tools to help you thrive! Tribe members get access to my library of resources and printables, including this Nanny Interview Questions Checklist!

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Make Dinner Time Easier

A programmable slow cooker is key! If you’re working outside the home all day and don’t have time to cook when you come home, let the slow cooker do it for you. But not all recipes can handle 10+ hours of cooking that you’re at work or driving (more like 12 for me), so a programmable cooker allows you to set the desired cooking time, and then just keep it warm for you until you get home.


Grab this FREE cookbook with a full month of slow cooker recipes to get your meal planning going.

31 days slow cooker recipes free cookbook


5 Days to Getting Real Food on the Table, FAST is a FREE 5-day challenge teaching you the insider tricks to drastically reduce the time it takes to make a healthy meal, so you can get dinner on the table faster, night after night, no matter how busy you are.

This challenge for families who seriously struggle with the TIME aspect of real food. Do you say things like:

  • I don’t have time to shop for real food.
  • Cooking from scratch takes too long (or too much time).
  • How do you make it all fit with a busy schedule?
    Grocery Budget Bootcamp

There are so many amazing blogs with already put together meal plans. Here’s another! Weekly Slow Cooker Meal Plans.


Make freezer meals if you’re a newbie like me. Learn the ins and outs of preparing freezer meals, so you can meal prep in bulk and freeze for later, then just thaw and slow cook.


If you’re already a pro at freezer meals and just want more recipe options, here’s another great program that shares tons of meal plans and shopping lists.


You can also teach your kids to cook, and have them help you in the kitchen!


And make a breakfast station that kids can use to make their own food – so you can sit down and eat, yourself!
Simplify your morning


Grab this amazing kitchen planner printable to organize the kitchen once and for all. Organized kitchens make busy weeknight evenings run so much smoother.



Weekend Family Bonding

Grab these awesome activity books for toddlers and preschoolers and never run out of fun ideas you can do together! The DISCOVER + PLAY + ENGAGE + LEARN eBooks have a combined 20 weeks of activities. Fun ways to get kids moving, work on fine motor, do arts and craft projects and have fun as a family! Each weekly plan includes a  supply list and activities broken down to know exactly what to do in a simple sentence or two.




** You can also try out her FREE 7-day activity challenge to get an idea of the fun and simple activities she suggests. These activities are not age-specific so may be altered as needed for the ages of kids.



Here’s another amazing book with play-based learning for young sweet little kids. It is called The Undeniable Power of Play!

The Undeniable Power of Play



Mom Sanity Time

Sometimes, we need a break, right? Maybe a date night with the hubby that you barely get to spend one-on-one time with. We can find a sitter from Care or SitterCity and use either of these adorable date night ideas!

Envelope Date Night Kits |


Some people find an organized, decluttered home helps their sanity. I’m still working on this myself, but the Step by Step Decluttering book is a wonderful resource.


For Your Health

Working full-time and having kids makes it difficult to find time for going to the gym and working out, or is it just me? Having an option to do workout videos like Yoga at home is a huge help.
Unlimited yoga free for 14 days


This wonderful course to motivate a healthier lifestyle: 15 Days to a Healthier You!
Crystal Paine Products


A smart tracker for your mattress (or even a smart mattress, depending on your budget) can help identify sleep troubles and give you a better night’s sleep.
Eight Smart Tracker


What other awesome working mom tips and resources can you share with me?


Resources to rock Working Mom life



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  1. These are done great tips! The working mom life can be very difficult, but we’ve got this. One thing I like to do during my commute is listen to podcasts. I have the Google music subscription and I can listen to whatever podcasts I want. My two favorite ones are Stuff You Should Know and Raise Your Hand Say Yes. Great post!

  2. I suddenly saw the genius in cooking a large pot of food or lasagne or something that will last several days during the week, or making a roast chicken that you can make more than one meal out of. cheers from kidcandoodle

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